Circle Wire Saw

Unlocking Versatility:
Beyond Core Drills for Precision in Cutting Large Circular Openings!

The Circle Wire Saw is a specialized equipment that possesses the capability to cut round holes slightly over 16 feet in diameter and exceeding 5 feet in concrete thickness.

Circle Wire Saw Machine on Support

Di-Tech faced a time-sensitive challenge in replacing an existing culvert and reinforcing the drainage outlet for efficient water flow from highways and farm fields to a river. The task demanded precision as we aimed to saw cut a six-inch margin around the existing culvert opening while preserving structural integrity and minimizing concrete removal, all without inducing vibrations during demolition.

Our mission was to wire saw four holes, each 7 feet in diameter and varying between 12 to 18 inches in thickness.

The conventional circular wire saw is typically mounted on a solid, pre-existing wall through a small cored hole. However, our project presented a unique obstacle – existing culvert openings where the cutting was required. To overcome this, we fabricated our own wall and support system, ensuring it was centered, level, and square within the existing hole to enable a precise cut.

Circle Wire Saw cutting culvert
Circle Wire Saw culvert

Di-Tech engineered a false wall from steel and meticulously positioned it to align true with the existing opening. With our circular wire saw seamlessly integrated, the cutting process proceeded effortlessly, allowing us to complete the project ahead of schedule.

Di-Tech’s success exemplifies the potential of this tool when coupled with innovative thinking. The possibilities, as with most wire sawing applications, are only limited by the creativity and vision of the operator.