Generating Stations

Precision and Teamwork: Successful Demolition Making Space for New Generators

A hydro-generating station in northern Manitoba required space for new generators. The initial phase involved demolishing robust walls and floors, with the most intricate challenge being the saw cutting and removal of massive stators into manageable pieces for transport.

Our team faced diverse and frequent requests from the general contractor and customer. Each demand required a unique approach, leveraging a broad array of tools and the deep well of knowledge our team possessed. The goal was to provide top-notch service while adhering strictly to the project schedule.

One of the pivotal strategies for mitigating potential issues was fostering a spirit of cooperation among all trades and contractors involved. By working side-by-side, we ensured every task could be completed efficiently, without bottlenecks or delays. This collaborative environment was instrumental in maintaining the project's momentum and ensuring that each phase was executed precisely.

Utilizing our skilled personnel, advanced equipment, and extensive experience, we executed intricate cutting schemes that maximized efficiency in removing large-scale concrete and steel structures.

In conclusion, Di-Tech demonstrated the power of precise execution and collaboration, transforming a complex challenge into a successful venture and paving the way for new generators at the generating station.