Flat Sawing

Di-Techs flat saw versatility and wide range of saws include: electric for indoor cutting as well as gas and diesel for outdoor cutting.

Flat Sawing

Typical Applications

  • Road repairs
  • Plumbing trenches
  • Electrical trenches
  • Concrete restoration
  • Bridge deck removal
  • Structural floor openings
  • Expansion joint cutting

Areas of Use

  • Road infrastructure
  • Commercial buildings
  • Warehouse retrofits
  • Bridge reconstruction
  • Industrial projects
  • Hospital retrofits

Diamond-Cutting Flat Saw

Flat sawing provides a fast and cost-effective method for concrete slab removal.

The flat saw is the diamond-cutting tool most recognizable and familiar to all motorists and to those in the concrete industry. It is commonly used to cut roadways during the restoration process of road surfaces, or the cutting of expansion joints on new construction. This saw is the fastest and most cost-efficient way of removing sections of road while maintaining the structural integrity of the remaining slab.

With the use of its diamond blade that is up to 54 inches in diameter, the flat saw can cut with great efficiency on a horizontal plane. It is capable of cleanly cutting 24-inch concrete slabs with great precision.

Di-Tech’s professional operators utilize gas, diesel, electric, and hi-cycle electric flat saws. Di-Tech also employ flat saws of all different sizes in order to achieve the best possible result for our clients. This versatility allows our employees to perform safely outdoors, indoors, and in confined areas.

Di-Tech International Flat Sawing