Robotic-Breaking DiTech Specialty

Robotic Breaking

We're able to manoeuvre in any worksite and provide a demolition solution that produces no harmful emissions.

Robotic Demolition

  • Staircases
  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Concrete structures in confined spaces
  • Brick kilns
  • Bank vaults
  • Underground railways
  • Tunnel systems
  • Motorways
  • Chemical works
  • Nuclear power stations
  • High rise towers
  • Concrete works
  • Quarries
  • Sewage processing plants
  • Mining operations


Di-Tech International uses remote-operated Brokk machines to accomplish your demolition needs with great efficiency. With the compact design of the equipment, we are able to maneuver in any worksite and provide a demolition solution that produces no harmful emissions. The powerful jaws of the Brokk can tear through concrete walls and floors with incredible precision, requiring little space to operate.

Brokk 180 - Crush Concrete

To remove a concrete walkway above a parkade entrance, critical features along this walkway needed careful protection —an overhead door and a sizable glass door entrance.

Equipped with hammer and crushing capabilities, the Brokk 180 minimizes flying debris, ensuring a controlled demolition site. Our skilled operators can meticulously dismantle the walkway piece by piece while standing at a safe distance.

With no need for manual labour, concrete debris is swiftly removed using a skid steer. From equipment transport to demolition and concrete removal, Di-Tech handles every aspect of the job seamlessly.

Not every company has access to the Brokk 180, but fortunately, we do. Its power, efficiency, and safety make it the ultimate solution for large, risky, and controlled demolition projects. When you partner with Di-Tech, you're partnering with excellence.