Shot Blasting

Revitalize your surfaces with Shot Blasting!

Shot Blasting produces a surface profile on the substrate to create adhesion properties for further applications to be applied. It provides for removal of existing contaminants and materials, preparing the surface for new overlays.

Shotblasting Applications

  • Remove surface contaminants
  • Remove paints and sealants
  • Remove laitance

Areas of Use

  • Commercial
  • Institutional
  • Manufacturing
  • Food processing
  • Bridges and Roadways
  • Parking garages/waterproofing

Shotblasting produces a surface profile on the substrate. This creates adhesion properties for the application of epoxy coatings, paints, over-layment systems, waterproofing membranes, etc. Shotblasting can also create or re-instate slip resistant properties. Shotblasting will remove the existing material and contaminants from the substrate to help adhesion of the new topping or over-lay.

Shot Blasting