Core Drilling

The core drill is an essential diamond tool used in the professional concrete cutting industry.

Core Drilling

Typical Applications

  • Plumbing holes
  • HVAC openings
  • Electrical openings
  • Stitch drilling for duct openings
  • Deep hole drilling for anchoring systems
  • Sewer connections
  • Pre-cast hollow core drilling
  • Wire saw access holes

Typical Areas of Use

  • New apartment buildings
  • Interior renovations
  • Commercial & Industrial projects
  • Core testing projects
  • Bridge retrofits
  • Hydroelectric projects
  • Infrastructure projects

Upside-Down Core Drilling without Water

Di-Tech's specialty method of core drilling has no need for water, so it doesn't create dust or slurry. Traditional methods of upside-down core drilling creates a mess covering the work area with water and slurry. Our method reduces the need to cover and protect the worksite. It dramatically reduces the potential for property damage and is much safer for the driller and people near the work area.

Our highly skilled operators use the core drill to penetrate through existing concrete structures. The diamond-tipped bits of the drill can bore through a number of different cementitious materials, including heavily reinforced concrete. Holes cored by the drill can be as large as 54 inches in diameter and as deep as 100 feet. The drill can be used at any angle, drilling through walls and floors. Di-Tech can also drill holes upside down.

Di-Tech International utilizes a variety of core drilling machines to meet your needs and succeed in the most challenging of projects. These types of drills include electric core drills, hydraulic core drills and hi-cycle core drills. All of our drill vans are equipped with the latest technology and are self-sufficient containing their own electrical power and water supply.

Whether it is one hole or thousands of holes, our professional core drillers come prepared to meet all our clients’ challenges and to surpass their expectations in efficiency, cleanliness, and cost value.

Di-Tech International Core Drilling