Hydra Platform 30

The Hydra Platform 30 Bridge Deck Unit provides you with access when inspecting and/or working on the sides or underside of a Bridge or Dam Structure.

Hydra Platform 30-Di-Tech

Bridge Deck & Hydro Dam Access Unit

The Hydra Platform can be pulled by a 3500 truck, or larger for ease of transportation.

This unit is accessible for remote areas and urban centres. For larger projects, it’s ideal when erecting scaffolding is not an option.

A single person can easily operate the Hydra Platform and have it in place quickly.

Once in place, the Hydra Platform can be operated remotely to move along the bridge structure while working underneath the bridge section.

It will adjust in height as required to get closer or further from the underside of the bridge.

Reduce Labour, Increase Safety and Save Time & Money

Weekly or monthly rentals are available for the Hydra Platform.

An operator and/or training can be provided if required.

Di-Tech International
Hydra Platform Bridge Deck & Dam Structure Access Unit